Spirit intuitive, reader, clairvoyant, and coach India Leigh uses an array of modalities and gifts to help you clearly understand the messages being sent to you by your guides, as well as connect more deeply with your own divine inner guidance on a daily basis. She also will empower you in coming into more connection with your own divine energy and creative power, aligning your energy, thoughts, words, and actions with your greatest good and highest purpose.


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Holiday Gifts & Specials

Find an array of special readings, packages and bundles, all perfect for giving or enjoying yourself. Through December 18, order any gift and get 50% off a New Year's reading!

India's Inner Circle

India's concierge offering, the Inner Circle has options from daily readings to one for the month, offered along with online classes and events, an intuitive gift sent to you in the mail, and more. Choose the option that’s right for you here

The Podcast: Speaking Spirit With Intuitive India Leigh

India's podcast features actual readings with those who wish to share their messages and guidance with others for the purposes of spiritual growth and expansion. She also shares techniques, guidance, talks with other metaphysical, healing, and spiritual experts and teachers, and more. Listen here

Meditations by India Leigh

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