Soul Magic: A 6-Week Course With India Leigh & Susan Reynolds April 20

Soul Magic: A 6-Week Course With India Leigh & Susan Reynolds April 20

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Soul Magic: A 6-Week Course With India Leigh & Susan Reynolds
Wednesdays at 4:30-6 pm ET starting April 20, 2022
Weekly online sessions for six weeks plus a personal one-on-one session with Susan and India
*Limited to 8 spots only*

Are you ready to peel back the veil of illusion on your own soul path and see clearly where your blocks and challenges lie?

To learn how to begin living from your soul instead of your ego personality?

To understand your personal soul lessons and karma in this lifetime?

To truly live from a place of truth, in alignment with your own soul guidance and higher self?  

Over the course of these six fully interactive weekly online spiritual development classes, karmic astrologer Susan Reynolds and intuitive reader India Leigh will guide you through an inner journey of discovery as you uncover the mysteries within yourself. 

We will explore …

- The body as a mirror of the soul, reflecting our wounds and storing trauma 

- Vibration and how it expresses physically 

- Dealing with inner anger at the body

- Your own relationship with yourself through your body

- How to live in a state of vibrational integrity and truth 

- Your unique and powerful soul gifts

- Your next level of soul growth 

- Relationships with others as mirrors

- Choosing your highest path and timeline and how to connect with universal mind

- Creating and changing your reality

- Personal one-on-one sessions exploring your spiritual goals/ideals

- Taking responsibility for your journey

- Karma and the soul and how to heal your karma 


Classes will be held Wednesdays from 4:30 pm to 6 pm ET via Zoom.