Ground to Sky and Back Again with India Leigh and Pam Muller October 16

Ground to Sky and Back Again with India Leigh and Pam Muller October 16

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Ground to Sky and Back Again! A Learning Conversation with experts India Leigh and Pam Muller

Saturday October 16th

3:30-5:30 pm ET via Zoom 

$90 (limited seats available)

Join intuitive reader and spiritual coach India Leigh and dream expert and spiritual director Pam Muller in a lively discussion about how we constantly traverse the ladder between our inner groundedness and our inner expansive sky-- we'll be exploring things like shadow work, the unconscious, dreams,  soul desires, ego desires and discernment and integrating all of that with the ethereal guidance that is constantly being shared with each one of us.

During this 2-hour online conversation (the first in a monthly series to be offered by the two), India and Pam will guide you to better understand the insights and revelations of your dreams and inner life, as well as the riches and support that's available to you  from the spiritual realms to which you are always connected. 

You will have the opportunity to ask your own questions about dreams and what they are showing you, and about what messages and guidance your higher self and source are sending you personally! India and Pam will generously share everything that comes up for each of them and the conversation will go where they will! Be a part of this exciting joint venture being offered up by these teachers who regularly study, practice and traverse their own interior ladders between ground and sky and back again!

Limited to 12 attendees. A Zoom link will be sent to participants before the event, and a recording will be available for those who attend. 

Want more? Get the WAKE UP BONUS EXPERIENCE added to your ticket for an additional $45 (select option using drop-down button above). Taking place the very next morning, Sunday October 17th at 8:00am-9:30am ET via Zoom, you'll meet with Pam in a small group for dream sharing and symbol decoding personalized to you and whatever new dream content emerged after Saturday's event. What if you don't dream Saturday night? Not to worry! Pam leads dream groups all the time and has many tricks up her sleeve for just such a circumstance (wink, wink).